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2020 ZGC Forum|Beijing Will Contact Moscow via Video Link and Representatives from the Government, Industry, University, Research and Financial Institutes Will Come to Encourage the Youth!

Origin:ZGC Forum Time:2020-09-19

Beijing Will Contact Moscow via Video Link


One of the parallel forums of the 2020 Zhongguancun Forum: The first China-Russia Youth Innovation Entrepreneurship and Creative Competition Conference, and the China-Russia Youth Entrepreneurship Summit will be held in Peking University.



This summit themed on the promotion of China-Russia cooperation in science and technology innovation is aimed to build a high-level and diversified cooperation platform for universities and scientific research institutions, high-tech industrial clusters and investment institutions of the two countries, and gives full play to the leading role of young entrepreneurs of the two countries as the main force in scientific and technological innovation, to allow Chinese and Russian youth to make "new contributions" to the new growth of the world economy. 


From Beijing to Moscow, from entrepreneurial youth to century-old colleges and universities, from innovative enterprises to financial capital, the history, present, and future are intertwined. Here, we will meet the future of China-Russia scientific and technological innovation.


This summit has many highlights with the characteristics of "1+2+3", can be called the "China-Russia CP program": focusing on the theme of "reform—breakthrough—future", the agenda of the summit keeps pace with the times and is forward-looking. 


Guests will discuss the following issues at the conference:

How do we seize the common opportunities from scientific and technological changes by taking advantage of the China-Russia year of scientific and technological innovation?

How do we look for a breakthrough in the disordered global market under the background of great changes?

How do we work together to create a better future during the reconstruction of the international innovation layout?



Guests from all circles of the two countries will gather the wisdom of China and Russia and exchange ideas. In addition, the summit will announce two important issues to further promote the implementation of practical outcomes. Zhongguancun Development Group and Moscow Innovation Cluster signed a strategic cooperation agreement online. The first China-Russia Youth Innovation Entrepreneurship and Creative Competition, a major event of the 2020-2021 China-Russia Year of Science and Technology Innovation, will also be officially launched. In addition to the above features, the summit has three more attraction points worth the wait.


Attractive Point 1: Guests present are diversified and typical with high levels


Zhao Changshan, chairman of Zhongguancun Development Group and Anatoli Valetov, chairman of Moscow Innovation Cluster, Yang Bin, vice president and dean of Tsinghua University and president of the Russian Research Institute, Zhou Hongyi, chairman and CEO of 360 Group, Victor Sidnev, general manager of Troitsk Innovation Cluster and president of Russian Science City Development League, Li Zhu, founding partner of Innoangle Fund and honorary chairman of Zhongguancun Angel Capital Association, Wang Jiping, chairman of ArcherMind Technology and chairman of UnionTech Software, Vasilii Petrechenko, vice president of Moscow University Science Park, Yevgeny Gorsky, general manager of Troitsk Engineering Center, Xu Chiheng, co-founder of SenseTime, He Yifan, founder of DoNews, Zhang Tiantian, co-founder of Vigo Technologies Inc., Chen Kuan, founder of Infervision Technology, Han Wei, founder of AIForceTech, Ling Chen of Studiolite, and other guests will attend the conference in person or via video link.

Attractive Point 2: China-Russia Youth TED (technology, entertainment & design) Show 


Light chasers of the times come to the international stage, and this show has a novel form and profound significance. All great innovation once started from a little spark. We should look to the future with youth and gather strengths with innovation.


Attractive Point 3: to build a well-known Zhongguancun Innovation brand


The industrial chain, innovation chain, and capital chain between China and Russia will be built. The strategic conception of regional cooperation starts from Zhongguancun, which will once again make Zhongguancun, the fertile land for international innovation, entrepreneurship, and creativity a gold-lettered signboard.


This China-Russia Youth Entrepreneurship Summit is sponsored by Tsinghua University, Zhongguancun Development Group, Moscow Innovation Cluster, and St Petersburg State University, undertaken by Tsinghua University Russian Research Institute, Zhongguancun Angel Capital Association, and Zhongguancun International Exhibition Management Company, and co-organized by Tsinghua Alumni Association, Zhongguancun Capital, PUE (Shanghai) Innovation Incubator, Troitsk Innovation Cluster and Moscow State University Science Park.

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