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“8, 6 and 5” policies are unveiled on the press conference of 2020 ZGC Forum!

Origin:ZGC Forum Time:2020-09-20



On Sept. 19, the press conference of 2020 ZGC Forum was held at the Conference Center, Exhibition Center, Zhongguancun National Demonstration Zone. Adhering to the global vision and national demand, 8 key innovation achievements and policies, 5 science and innovation indexes and research reports, and 6 innovation platforms and gathering areas were released for the first time to fully support the building of Beijing as a global science and innovation center and a service innovation-driven development strategy, and building an innovation-driven country.


Undertake the tough task for technological innovation

Original achievements facing the international frontier and major national needs were successively released on the press conference, which was inspiring.

"Quantum direct communication technology" of Beijing Academy of Quantum Information Sciences is one of the achievements of national science and technology innovation center construction.


Beijing Academy of Blockchain and Edge Computing proposed the modularization and standardization of blockchain underlying platform technology for the first time, and developed a new type of blockchain underlying platform -- "chain workshop", which will break the situation that the underlying platform is dominated by foreign countries and promote the technological revolution of blockchain production from manual operation mode to automatic assembly production.


Zhongguancun Management Committee issued Several Measures of Zhongguancun Administrative Committee on Strengthening High-value Patent Operation and Promoting Achievement Transformation, which propose eighteen measures from 5 aspects, aiming at getting through the "last kilometer" of policy implementation and giving play to the important supporting role of high-value patents and high-quality scientific and technological achievements for Zhongguancun Demonstration Zone and high-quality development of Beijing. "The subsidy for international pioneering products is limited to 2 million yuan and the subsidy for domestic pioneering products is limited to 1 million yuan...". Several Measures of Zhongguancun Administrative Committee on Strengthening High-value Patent Operation and Promoting Achievement Transformation focuses on solving the problem of "difficulty in entering the market for the first time" of the pioneering products, promoting the market application of pioneering products, and getting through the "last kilometer" of pioneering products entering the market from 7 aspects. "Chuangxinrong" enterprise financing comprehensive credit service platform and policy is an enterprise financing comprehensive credit service platform that takes the lead to use "financial management big data + financial technology + government policy supporting" in China. To promote continuous optimization of financing environment and innovation of credit financing services for small and micro businesses... Zhongguancun will further play its role as a "test field" for reform, strengthen the policy guidance, and form a more targeted policy system for scientific and technological innovation.


Create the global innovation bellwether


What are the latest trends in global innovation? What is the role of Beijing innovation in the world? As one of the leading forces of innovation, what is the driving force of Zhongguancun in the global science park? Five series of science and innovation indexes and research reports released at 2020 ZGC Forum are impressive, which reflect the global trends in technology and gain insight into China's innovative development.


Global Science and Technology Innovation Center Index 2020 was issued to the world at 2020 ZGC by Springer Nature and Tsinghua University. Forum. 30 cities were selected from the world to establish a three-level index system to systematically reflect the comprehensive innovation capability and level of major cities in the world's scientific and technological innovation centers (metropolitan areas). The new list of the top 10 cities (metropolitan areas) was released, with Beijing ranking the fifth.


David Swinbanks, founder of Springer Nature, released the latest data and research results of Nature Index -Scientific Research Cities 2020 at the ZGC Forum. By tracking independently selected research papers published in 82 high-quality natural science journals, the performance of the world's major cities in the nature index in 2019 was analyzed, Beijing continued to top the list among global scientific research cities.


Zhao Hong, President of Zhongguancun Innovation Development Research Institute released Zhongguancun Global Science park Innovation Development Index 2020.


Zhongguancun Global Science Park Innovation Development Index 2020 was prepared and released for the first time, which reflects that the best entrepreneurial ecosystem in the world is mainly located in Silicon Valley, New York, London, Beijing, Tel Aviv, Stockholm and other cities, and the science park has become the best symbol of innovation and entrepreneurship in these cities. 36% of globally active venture capital organizations and incubators are headquartered in the park.

Build a platform for interconnected innovation


Build momentum to stimulate new growth drivers and create new growth poles. Six innovation platforms and agglomeration areas will be released successively at the press conference of 2020 ZGC Forum, covering high-grade precision and advanced fields including artificial intelligence, high-level automatic driving, aerospace industry, life science, etc. An international cooperation platform of global exemplary significance for China-Germany cooperation and China-Japan cooperation will be created.


Beijing plans to build a high-level demonstration zone for automatic driving, with Beijing Economic and Technological Development Area (60 square kilometers) as the core. By 2022, it will complete the construction of five systems of "smart road, smart car, real-time cloud, reliable network and accurate map", break through the key links of technology and management of internet-connected and cloud-controlled automatic driving, form the city-level engineering test platform, and realize the commercial landing of a series of application scenarios and the promotion and application of a batch of intermediate products.


Beijing Sino-Germany International Cooperation Industrial Park Project is located in Shunyi District, which will construct the development space of the "starting area and expanding area" with a total area of 20 square kilometers. The industrial park is positioned as "the gathering place of Germany's advanced manufacturing industry, the forefront of China and Germany's innovation-driven development, and an important window for the international exchange between China and Germany and expanding the opening-up". At present, it has gathered more than 60 German-owned enterprises such as Benz, BMW, Ameco, Bosch and Weile, with an annual output value of more than 50 billion yuan. By 2025, the industrial park will be completed and developed on a scale. It will become an important hub of global innovation resources network and a convergence center of international innovation achievements transformation and industrialization.

Aerospace industrial agglomeration "star valley" is located in the north area of Zhongguancun Science City, which aims to build a national aerospace industry innovation highland, with an industry scale of 50 billion yuan in the near future and 100 billion yuan in the long term. Zhongguancun Life Science Park "Life Valley" project is positioned as a global leading "Life Valley", which will focus on building the "striking point" of Beijing's medical and health industry.


Four sections of "conference + exhibition + transaction + release" were newly unveiled, and elite from all walks of life had cross-border dialogues. With the end of the release section, in addition to the display section, the three sections of "Conference + Transaction + Release" of the 2020 Zhongguancun Forum have all completed.


Over 50 activities were held by the sponsor in 3 days. Over 2,600 top scientists, entrepreneurs and investors from 40 countries and regions have conducted extensive and constructive exchanges and cooperation on major scientific and technological issues of global concern.


The technology transaction section of this forum gathered over 7,000 online + offline excellent technological achievements, over 300 well-known technology transfer agencies at home and abroad, launched over 200 domestic new products, introduced more than 300 international leading technology projects, launched the first list of top 100 industrial innovative leading technologies, and facilitated a number of high-value technology transactions. The largest single signed transaction amount was 120 million yuan, preliminarily forming a pattern of "global buying and global selling". As for the exhibition section of the forum, 11 international organizations and over 800 Chinese and foreign science and technology enterprises participated in the exhibition, providing a feast of science and technology for the public. The forum was held online and offline for the first time. The live broadcast and video of the forum on the cloud were watched by 128 million people, and the relevant information of the forum was read by more than 1 billion person-times, forming a boom of technology communication online and offline.


Relevant responsible person of the forum organization committee office expressed that ZGC Forum will continue to expand the brand carrier with reference to international well-known forum, further enhance the professionalism and international influence of the forum and strive to build the ZGC Forum into an international platform for scientific and technological innovation exchange and cooperation that integrates scientific and technological exchanges with the exhibition, release and trading of innovative achievements.


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