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People.cn: “International Technology Trading Alliance” was established yesterday during the Opening Ceremony of 2020 ZGC Forum

Origin:ZGC Forum Time:2020-09-18

“2020 ZGC Forum” was officially opened yesterday at National Self-innovation Demonstration Area Display Center in Zhongguancun, Beijing, gathering lots of global industry-university-research, political and business representatives, including over 200 world-renowned experts and scholars, over 400 famous entrepreneurs and investors, over 150 domestic and foreign government officers and ambassadors in China as well as over 40 principals from international organizations and leading academic institutions, marking the arrival of “Zhongguancun time” concerned by the global industry.


The world is now experiencing a turbulent situation possibly unseen for centuries, especially after COVID-19 hit the world, which has promoted faster changes in the situation, and brought unprecedented challenges and tests to how people live and work. Under such situation, 15 global industrial experts expressed their opinions on “people’s livelihood and well-being under global pandemic” from the perspective of different sectors during the Opening Ceremony held yesterday. Some expressed cutting-edge innovate thoughts, while others introduced leading technologies, and pointed out the future direction of science and technology oriented to the people.


It’s worth mentioning that, some foreign guests that cannot attend the forum in person due to the pandemic also met with the public by recorded videos and online calls. While delivering the speech titled Working Together in Science and Technologies, and Coping with Global Challenges, Sir Gregory P. Winter, Winner of Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 2018 and Former Dean of Trinity College, Cambridge, expressed that, improvement doesn’t come out of the blue, but attempts for changes and innovation.


Under the theme of “cooperation and innovation, facing challenges together”, ZGC Forum is based in China and oriented to the world, and has attracted lots of attention for working on cutting-edge science and technologies at a new starting point. Four sectors were released in the forum, including “conference, exhibition, trade and issuance”. In the next few days, over 50 activities will be released successively.


37 world-renowned technology transfer institutions joined the alliance


“International Technology Trading Alliance”


“International Technology Trading Alliance” was co-founded by Zhongguancun Management Committee, China Centre for International Science and Technology Exchange and other organizations yesterday during the Opening Ceremony of ZGC Forum. Currently, the first 103 member institutions of domestic and foreign technology trading invited to join the alliance have been certified, and reached a Consensus on International Technology Trading Rules and the Construction of Eco-environment for Technical Trading. 37 world-renowned technology transfer institutions have been invited to join the alliance, including Technology Transfer Center of the University of Cambridge, the Global Innovation Consulting Institution of Oxford University, Oxentia, Georgia Institute of Technology, St Petersburg State University, Israel Innovation Powerhouse, and Germany Institute of Innovation and Technology (GIT).


“International Technology Trading Alliance” will serve as the platform for international technology transfer, exchange and collaboration, and innovative cooperation, link world famous technology trading institutions, organizations, enterprises and experts, and promote transnational technical trading, exchange and cooperation, and apply the technical achievements in production. In the preparation of the alliance, great endeavors will be made to set up the cooperation and working mechanism for world famous technical trading institutions, improve the working system, and build a cooperation platform, so that the alliance members can share resources, promote cooperation, and develop towards a win-win result.


Joint Action Initiative on International Cooperation of Innovation and Entrepreneurship


Calling for innovative cooperation


A dialogue was made between scientific parks and enterprise incubators in Parallel Forum on Belt and Road Scientific Parks held yesterday during ZGC Forum. In the parallel forum, Torch Center of the Ministry of Science and Technology officially released Joint Action Initiative on International Cooperation of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, launching an initiative to countries seeking for the international cooperation of innovation and entrepreneurship: making joint efforts to build a benign eco-system for innovation and entrepreneurship, fully digging out innovative resources, and promoting global peace and development based on technical innovation. To realize a booming economy, it’s essential for the country to have a comprehensive understanding on the open international market, especially for technology-based enterprises and startup enterprises. By building an effective international network, we can promote exchanges of scientific parks over innovative factors in the international market.


As indicated in the Initiative, joint efforts should be made in the international cooperation of innovation and entrepreneurship, and it’s expected that all countries’ government institutions, scientific parks and enterprise incubators can work as partners to co-build an enterprise incubation network, providing new services and carriers of innovation and entrepreneurship for technology-based startup companies, such as the joint incubator, joint accelerator, and sister mass innovation spaces, to support the development of startup enterprises in China and countries along the line. Therefore, SMEs and startup enterprises will get more investments, talents, market information and other innovative factors they required. Meanwhile, it’s also proposed that partners should co-hold various activities and exchanges over innovative policies, share valuable experience, and provide road show platforms for entrepreneurs, to show their new business plans.




16 orders were signed on the first opening day of the technology trade fair

News from Beijing Youth Daily (by Zhang Qin), the first order of 2020 International Technology Trade Fair on ZGC Forum was signed yesterday afternoon. Institute of Metal Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences and its incubation enterprise, Beijing Zhongke Pujin Special Material Technology Development Co., Ltd. signed a tripartite order (RMB 120 million) with Shanxi Taigang Stainless Steel Co., Ltd. According to the information, the technology involves two types of antibacterial stainless steel ferrite and austenite, and can be widely applied in medical treatment, construction materials, etc.


Technical trade sector was firstly set yesterday in the Opening Ceremony of 2020 ZGC Forum, gathering over 7,000 “online and offline” excellent technical achievements, more than 600 technical demands and over 300 domestic and foreign famous technology transfer institutions and service institutions. In addition to this RMB 120 million order, Zhongguancun Management Committee also cooperated with relevant organizations, to collect cooperation intentions by centering on biological medicine, smart traffic, high-tech service industry, power and electronics, aerospace, new energy vehicles, etc.


According to the information obtained by the journalist of Beijing Youth Daily, 16 projects of 3 types concluded cooperation and were signed yesterday during the International Technology Trade Fair, including 4 major projects: in the new material sector, Institute of Metal Research,Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing Zhongke Pujin Special Material Technology Development Co., Ltd., and Shanxi Taigang Stainless Steel Co., Ltd. signed and concluded technical cooperation. In the internet of things and artificial intelligence sector, Beijing Baidu Netcom Science and Technology Co., Ltd. and Beijing Sensoro Technology Co., Ltd. signed and concluded cooperation. In the integrated circuit sector, China Academy of Industrial Internet and Beijing Electronics Zone Investment and Development Co., Ltd. signed and concluded technical cooperation. In the new energy vehicle sector, Beijing Key Power Technologies Co., Ltd. signed and concluded technical cooperation with Tsinghua University by valuation shareholding.


Among the 9 signed transfer contracts of scientific and technical achievements, technology transfer is adopted as the way for the Institute of Materia Medica, Chinese Academy of Medical Science to conclude cooperation with Changchun Intellicrown Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., and Beijing Union Pharmaceutical Factory respectively, in terms of the biological medicine sector. As for the smart traffic sector, Beijing Institute of Technology signed contracts with BIT CCI Technology Co., Ltd., while in respect of the high-tech service sector, Beijing XXFUSI Technology Co., Ltd. signed contacts with Beijing Peihong Wangzhi Technology Co., Ltd., and the cooperation was concluded by valuation shareholding.


Furthermore, 3 platform-type cooperation institutions also signed contracts yesterday by combing “online and offline” modes, including the cooperation between Zhongguancun Association of Broadband Wireless Private Network Application Industry and Germany Institute of Innovation and Technology (GIT), the cooperation between Zhongguancun Tianhe Scientific and Technical Achievements Conversion Promotion Center and SPICI, and the cooperation between Zhongguancun Technical Manager Association and Russia Innovation and Technology Manager Association.

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