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Chinese Science News: “Technology” Elements Light up the 2020 Zhongguancun Forum

Origin:ZGC Forum Time:2020-09-18

On September 16, Zhongguancun Management Committee organized the 2020 Zhongguancun Forum Exhibition Hall Activity. The reporter of Chinese Science News noticed on the site that the 2020 Zhongguancun Forum fully implements the “technology conference” concept, adopts technologies such as intelligent security check and temperature measurement, electronic sign-in, service robot, mobile temperature measurement and disinfection, intelligent nameplate conference system, holographic 3D display and OLED transparent screen intelligent display researched and developed by Zhongguancun technology enterprises  in registration, security, guidance, consultation, conference presentation, on-site experience, etc., enhancing the technology characteristics of the forum.



Intelligent service robot.



(OLED transparent screen intelligent display technology, photographed by Zheng Jinwu)


At entrances of the 2020 Zhongguancun Forum venue, conference center, display center, etc., the artificial intelligence and infrared thermal imaging technologies are used, the intelligent temperature measurement and passage system of MEGVII is “in use”, which achieves the intelligent temperature measurement and no-sense passage. Accurate temperature measurement is available even with large area of face blocked.


The human-screen interactive intelligent color recognition system is used for the door header of the forum. The system can capture three kinds of colors of people's clothing (cold color, warm color and neutral color) in front of the door header, trigger three major display themes of “technology tree”, “technology flower” and “technology sky”, which helps people feel the beauty of technological changes.


To provide participants with efficient smart reception management, the barrier-free certificate recognition gateway system is set on the forum site. It is reported that the system is a smart conference sign-in system developed and designed based on RFID technology. To pass the gateway, participants only need to wear a smart chest card containing RFID chip, which achieves no stop, no contact, simultaneous passage of multiple people and helps to complete the sign-in recognition quickly. In the meantime, the RFID chip contains personal information of guests. The gateway will give reminder in cases of no card or inconsistent people-card, which will facilitate the timely identity verification of the work personnel.


Furthermore, OLED transparent screen intelligent display technology is customized in the forum venue. Multiple large OLED transparent screens will achieve on-site holographic effect for guests connected, and guests who do not attend the forum can experience the atmosphere on site as if they are “personally on the scene”. The reporter noticed on the site that when there is no image display, the OLED transparent screen is very nearly the same as the light transmission effect of glass; when there is an image display, realistic and shocking visual effects are presented.


In public areas of the venue, multiple intelligent robots provided by OrionStar are providing mobile services. It is reported that OrionStar, based on the first "AI+hardware+software+service=robot" formula proposed in the industry, has full-chain AI technology, which covers voice full-link technology (mouth), microphone array (ear), full-perception visual recognition (eye), indoor navigation platform (leg), 6-axis mechanical arm (hand) and chip + algorithm (brain), researches and develops many intelligent service robots, and forms scenario solution in the robot industry.


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