Four groups of numbers to attract attention of hundreds of millions of people, with panoramic record of 2020 ZGC Forum

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This afternoon, 2020 ZGC Forum exhibition section -- Science and Technology Expo was successfully ended. With the end of the exhibition section, 2020 ZGC Forum, which is composed of four segments of "Conference + Trade + Exhibition + Release", has also come to a successful conclusion.

This is an explicit exposure of black technology. Registration, security, guidance, consultation, conference presentation, on-site experience...The whole process and multiple scenarios present the charm of science and technology.

This is an ultimate demonstration of technical innovation. More than 2,600 guests from 40 countries and regions shared their ideas on scientific research in more than 50 activities (speeches and dialogues) featured by four segments.

In the face of unprecedented great changes, 2020 ZGC Forum was unveiled again. In September, Zhongguancun is intended to construct a new pattern by idea sharing.



As the COVID-19 epidemic continues to spread around the world, global challenges such as energy, environment and health have become common and important issues encountered by the international community. The annual theme of 2020 ZGC Forum is "Cooperation innovation to jointly meet challenges", which is in line with the global trend. It is more pragmatic and provides a golden key for the world to restart prosperity and win-win cooperation.

The opening conference focused on the theme of "People's well-being under the global epidemic". Top scientists and multinational entrepreneurs attended the conference to share the Chinese wisdom and learn from the global experience.

Parallel forums such as the Global Forum on Science and Life and Health launched the discussion on "Scientific and technological research and development and major epidemic prevention and control". Zhong Nanshan, Chen Wei and other global celebrities discussed the epidemic and gave predictions, countermeasures and suggestions. The latest scientific and technological achievements in fighting COVID-19 were shown to present a number of new technologies and products, and promote exhibition, exchange and trade.

In the “Conference + exhibition + trade + release” segments, the thoughts and practices on vaccine and drug research and development, virus etiology and detection reagents, drug screening and clinical treatment, and global cooperation in epidemic prevention and control, were fully presented with suggestions for the fight against the global pandemic.

In the action-packed 2020 ZGC Forum, which is composed of forum sections, three vanward forums, one opening conference and 21 parallel forums, ideas were actively shared in respect of Sino-Russia innovation cooperation, life and health, artificial intelligence, creative cities, science and technology parks, innovation ecology, youth startup, TechFin, intellectual property rights and other aspects. Ideas were fully shared to provide the global audience with a grand enjoyment of ideas in different fields. In the section of release which adheres to global vision and national demand, initial release of 8 great innovation achievements and policies, 5 reports on science and technology innovation indexes and research, and 6 innovation platforms and agglomeration areas fully supports the construction of Beijing as a global science and innovation center and serve the innovation-driven development strategy and the building of an innovation-driven country.

A total of 12 international organizations and representatives from 11 countries and regions participated in various activities of the ZGC Forum exhibition section -- Science and Technology Expo;

According to incomplete statistics, there are a total of 42 technology trading projects and industrial cooperation contracting projects, with a total amount of 17.848 billion yuan.

As a whole, 2020 ZGC Forum has gathered more than 200 world-renowned experts and scholars, more than 400 famous entrepreneurs and investors, and more than 150 domestic and foreign government officials and diplomatic envoys to China. It is a grand gathering of big names to share ideas on science and technology.

Launch “online and offline” trading

2020 ZGC Forum launched the technology trading segment for the first time. With the opening of the forum, a "global buy & sell" technology trading fair was opened grandly, with the first-order amount reaching 120 million yuan. The online and offline technology trading activities of ZGC Forum gathered more than 7,000 excellent technology achievements, more than 600 technology needs, more than 300 well-known technology transfer agencies and service agencies at home and abroad, and more than 1,000 foreign guests from more than 30 countries participated in the technology roadshow and negotiation.

The technology trading fair of 2020 ZGC Forum witnessed the strong debut of 16 heavyweight contracted projects, 15 sophisticated projects, the first ranking list of top 100 leading technologies in industrial innovation, and the International Technology Trading Union...

In the display and negotiation area for technology trading conference of the forum, 6 segments composed of scientific and technological achievements of colleges and universities, scientific and technological achievements of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, international technology transfer offices, Zhongguancun technology transfer offices, the frontier science and technology projects and initially released products were set up to show 82 scientific and technological achievements and innovative products from 78 institutions and enterprises in 10 countries including United States, Russia, Britain, Germany and Japan.

Expand “multi-party” cooperation

2020 ZGC Forum witnessed the following phenomenon: Relevant ministries and commissions have taken an active part in the forum this year; there are 7 parallel forums held by the ministries and commissions; the Ministry of Education, Chinese Academy of Engineering, State Intellectual Property Office, China Council for the Promotion of International Trade are the first group of units to support ZGC Forum.

Among more than 2,600 guests, more than 1,300 foreign guests came from 40 countries and regions. More than 2,100 international projects from the United States, Britain, Germany, Israel and other countries account for nearly half of the total number of projects;

Organizations from Tianjin, Hebei, Jilin, Shandong and other 20 brother provinces and municipalities participated in the exhibition section of this forum, which further enhanced the level, internationalization and influence of the forum.

Arouse the enthusiasm of the “hundreds of millions” of people

Through live broadcast, holographic technology, 5G and other means, 2020 ZGC Forum will debut on the cloud and reach the whole world for the first time. The cloud-based ZGC Forum was held by online and offline modes for the first time. As of yesterday afternoon, the number of audience for watching live broadcast and video of cloud-based ZGC Forum has reached 128 million person-times, and the number of forum-related information reading has exceeded 1 billion person-times, forming a climax of online and offline science and technology communication.

Zhongguancun enabled the world’s insight into China of new era,. Today, an average of 75 new technology companies are added in Zhongguancun every day, which has fostered 377 listed companies and become a highland for more than 20,000 high-tech enterprises to start businesses. ZGC Forum, an international platform for scientific and technological innovation and exchange and cooperation, which integrates display, release and trading of scientific and technological exchanges and innovation achievements, will become a window for the world to observe China and a platform for building global consensus.

2020 ZGC Forum has presented the "strongest voice" to strengthen innovation cooperation, expanded the "circle of friends" for international innovation exchanges, built a "big market" for technological achievements trading, and constructed a field for the exchange of scientific and technological ideas.

The past achievements laid a foundation for new discoveries. We shall strive to make Beijing a key force and an important engine of the global innovation network and promote the building of a community with a shared future for mankind.

See you at the ZGC Forum in 2021