The innovative scientific research achievements such as leukemia curing and energy upgrading which have been made by these young people are worth attention!

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Technology Innovation Empowered by Youth On September 19, Global Science and Technology Youth Forum of 2020 ZGC Forum was launched!




MIT TR 35 presented by MIT Technology Review is the world's most authoritative technology ranking list in the past two decades, where Google cofounders Larry Page and Sergey Brin, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, and Apple’s chief designer Jonathan Ive were included.

Here comes the ranking list in China today!

Liu Ying, deputy director of the Institute of Molecular Medicine, Peking University

Li Teng ,Founder and CEO of Beijing Bluepha Co., Ltd.

Di Dawei, researcher of the College of Optical Science and Engineering (COSE) at Zhejiang University

Jin Hong, director of the Scientific Research Management Office of National Institute of Clean-and-Low-Carbon Energy

Liu Kai, doctoral supervisor, special researcher and assistant professor of the Department of Chemical Engineering of Tsinghua University

Yao Rui, associate researcher of the FAST project of National Astronomical Observatories of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (NAOC)


Tech dreamer is writing a new chapter of life

Tumor, cancer, leukemia, plastic pollution, the harm of chemical products to human body and other threats make mankind feel helpless. But these young scientists have found the answer in DNA, a code that has existed for more than four billion years.

The team led by Liu Ying tries to suppress the growth of cancer cells and tumors by regulating cell metabolism. According to laboratory findings, removing KLHL22 gene can suppress cellular energy metabolism and regulate mTORC1 in central nervous system, and further suppress tumor formation of cancer cells.

Relying on Nanjing Translational Medicine Institute (NTMI), an affiliate of the Institute of Molecular Medicine, Peking University, Liu Ying's team began to translate this basic research to clinical research. From the basic to the translational and to the clinical, the trinity of innovation enables the human dream "longevity" of thousands of years to come true.

CAR-T, a genetically engineered technology born in the United States, is the new hope for acute, advanced leukaemia and cancer therapy, in which immune-T cells bear the gene CAR to quickly defeat cancer cells. What He Ting's team is doing is to bring medicines with CAR-T cells to the Chinese market.

In clinical studies of patients with advanced leukemia, CAR-T has achieved a complete remission rate of more than 90%. Now, besides lymphoma and leukemia, He Ting's research has expanded into myeloma, liver cancer, stomach cancer and other fields. He’s vision is to realize the fact that “cancer is no longer an incurable disease”.

Manufacturing is basically oil driven, for clothing fabrics, car fuel, plastic and so on are the products of petroleum. Thus, the resulting pollution and consumption of non-renewable energy sources are the world's most important environmental problems.

According to Li Teng’s view, synthetic biology can solve the problems in a perfect way. Only by modifying three genes can the microorganism continuously produce a polymer called PHA. The PHA-based plastic bottle can degrades completely within 80 days. In the future, plastics and cosmetics may be made by a process like beer brewing, instead of by chemical synthesis.


Remove the technical constraints

Viral Shah, co-creator of Julia programming language and CEO of Julia Computing, said in the speech that, Julia’s higher-order grammar can have programmers of different backgrounds and experience in programming language work together on the same platform. Currently, more than 1000 Chinese companies are using Julia.


Realize future value

The last mile of future technology from basic research to commercialization is a promising future product, which is changing the future life.

In the field of high-definition displays, Di Dawei, researcher of the College of Optical Science and Engineering (COSE) at Zhejiang University, has brought us the latest research results on light-emitting diodes and perovskite - perovskite LED can replace traditional OLED with low cost and energy consumption.

Jin Hong, director of the Scientific Research Management Office of National Institute of Clean-and-Low-Carbon Energy, said in a speech that in the current energy situation featured by “rich coal, meager oil and little gas”, the institute will focus on the research and development of clean energies such as coal power with full zero-emission and next-generation solar energy technologies, and will be committed to creating a clean ecological environment for the next generation.

The safety of lithium battery has been a hot topic of high public concern in recent years. Liu Kai, doctoral supervisor, special researcher and assistant professor of the Department of Chemical Engineering of Tsinghua University, lead the team to begin with new materials for research and development of the intelligent “molecule fire extinguisher”, eliminating the conflict between lithium battery safety and electrochemical performance.


Cross-field application of technology

Science and technology + education, science and technology + aerospace, science and technology + healthcare, retail, community...The new era of intelligent service has begun, and the influence and promotion of science and technology on human society are ubiquitous.

Do you want to take a selfie in space? With satellite Internet, people can take selfies by sending photos or short videos to space. Peng Yuanyuan, co-founder and president of Commsat, revealed that the Space Selfie Satellite has achieved space interaction at several events, including the Online Spring Festival Gala.

As a new component of the national strategy of "new capital construction", the satellite Internet will open up an over-100-billion-yuan-level market and play a huge role in education sharing, wildlife protection, space entertainment and other aspects.

With the rapid development of artificial intelligence (AI) covering Smart Park, Smart Power, Smart exhibition and other aspects, we are still in lack of the AI education, with a shortage of 4.71 million talents of core technologies in the new capital construction field. Tan Min, chief brand officer of Ubtech, has the aspiration for in-depth development of AI education and fostering of technology innovation talents and AI teachers.

Zhai Lixin, director of the Zhongguancun Management Committee, said in his speech: “The development of the country lies in innovation, and the hope of innovation lies in the youth. "Zhongguancun has aggregated more than 50,000 excellent foreign talents and returnees, and has nurtured a large number of innovative leading talents who have the potential to change the world." The “future world” will be just around the corner if we are supported by such talents.

The Global Science and Technology Youth Forum, the parallel forum of 2020 ZGC Forum, brings together young talents from around the world, builds consensus on innovation and entrepreneurship, and builds a platform for scientific and technological exchange and cooperation and talent development, so as to boost the growth of young talents and provide fresh blood and vigorous impetus for future science and technology development.