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How to maximize the value of IP? Gaining insights into the intellectual property operations from a global perspective here

Origin:ZGC Forum Time:2020-09-25


At present, a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation is growing with vigor. As a basic guarantee for stimulating scientific and technological innovation and a significant bridge for international cooperation, the intellectual property is playing an increasingly prominent role in international economy and trade. Those big shots shared their industry insights at the conference into topics such as how to maximize the value of intellectual property and how to integrate knowledge assets and financial capital in an effective manner so as to enable the quality growth of the real economy.


The “Intellectual Property Forum” is one of the parallel forums of 2020 ZGC Forum. The theme of the summit is “Forum on Intellectual Property Operations and Finance from a Global Perspective”.


Sponsored by the Department of Intellectual Property Application and Promotion of China National Intellectual Property Administration (CNIPA), Beijing Municipal Intellectual Property Office, Zhongguancun Administrative Committee of and Zhongguancun Development Group, the “2020 ZGC Forum-Intellectual Property Parallel Forum” was successfully concluded in the Conference Center of Zhongguancun Exhibition and Transfer Center, which was jointly organized by the Zhongguancun Intellectual Property Bureau, Beijing Intellectual Property Operation and Management Co., Ltd. and Zhongguancun International Convention and Exhibition Operation and Management Co., Ltd. A number of governments, investment organizations and financial institutions gathered together.


The following officials were all present including Lei Xiaoyun, Director General of the Department of Intellectual Property Application and Promotion of CNIPA, Zhao Changshan, Chairman of Zhongguancun Development Group, Yang Dongqi, Party Secretary of Beijing Municipal Intellectual Property Office, Li Zhong, Deputy Director and Level I Inspector of Beijing Municipal Intellectual Property Office, and Zhu Jianhong, Deputy Director of Zhongguancun Administrative Committee.


In her speech, Lei Xiaoyun noted that the new round of technological revolution and industrial transformation is accelerating and the epidemic has driven the strong rise of the digital economy to spawn a large number of new industries, new formats and new models. As a result, it is more urgent for us to give full play to the role of intellectual property system and stimulate innovation and creativity in an effective manner. The “Innovation and Development” is the theme of the ZGC Forum. The intellectual property is a significant bridge from sound science and technology to sound industry, as well as an important link to promote the innovation and ensure the growth. Zhongguancun is with a strong innovative gene and pioneering spirit. In terms of intellectual property operations and finance, it has gone ahead of the rest, released the first “Zhongguancun Model” for centralized insurance of intellectual property pledge projects, established the first IP service industry alliance and set up the first IP operation fund in the country, all of which have a strong exploratory significance and a sound demonstration effect.


In the keynote speech, Ms. Liu Hua first conveyed the congratulatory letter from Francis Gurry, Director General of World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) to the ZGC Forum. She highly affirmed Beijing’s great achievements in innovation and creation and mentioned that Beijing ranks the fourth among the global technology clusters in the latest world innovation index. While aacknowledging the achievements of Beijing, She believed that the ZGC Science Park has made great contributions to Beijing’s innovation and creation. Later, Liu Hua shared with the audience the E-Age and Epidemic Era: New Services and New Information of the World Intellectual Property Organization.


According to Steve Rowan, Vice President of the European Patent Office (EPO), the world has entered a new normal. We need to further strengthen dialogues and exchanges. Through the approvals of patents, we can protect new ideas and their commercialization. Consequently, we can learn the continuous R&D and innovation by innovators from all over the world, which is also a mission of the EPO. At the same time, he stressed that the global innovation can only be achieved through cooperation, and looked forward to the closer collaboration between the EPO and the CNIPA.


Xia Quan, Global Vice President of Qualcomm, gave a speech on Strengthening Cooperation and Co-creating Innovative Development in the 5G Era of Intelligent Connectivity of Everything. In his speech, he pointed out that 2020 would be a year for the global 5G growth to take shape and would be a key year to promote economic transformation and industrial upgrading through the adoption of 5G new infrastructure facilities. Although the epidemic has brought many challenges, it highlights the key role of wireless broadband connections in assisting remote office, long-distance learning, remote medical service, communication, entertainment and social networking. In these fields, the 5G plays its technical advantages. Qualcomm would seize the opportunities that 5G brings to all participants, further intensify the cooperation with Chinese industries, and empower more industries through 5G technology so as to achieve innovative growth with partners in the era of 5G Internet of Everything.


Eiichi Yamamoto of Beijing Representative Office of Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) briefed Japan’s intellectual property strategy under the Fourth Industrial Revolution. He gave a summary from the below perspectives including the data protection and utilization, the settlement of intellectual property disputes, the intellectual property dispute handling system, the patent system and its future direction. He believed that the strategic concept is to protect the interests of researchers. Meanwhile, it is necessary to plan a system and design a structure that allows everyone to make better use of these patents in order to bring benefits to the entire industry. At last, he also expressed his expectation to strengthen exchanges and cooperation between the two countries.


Zhang Yan, Member of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), shared the New Trends in International Standards for Innovation and Intellectual Property Management. She summarized her experience and suggestions in the six years of IP standardization work in four sentences. First, it is necessary for us to make innovation based on international rules. Second, we need to build innovation through the integration of Intellectual Property and management. Third, the world’s innovative resources would be introduced to China. Fourth, we should promote China’s management practices to the world.


During the release of achievements, the below organizations brought four unique IP operation products including Beijing Intellectual Property Operation and Management Co., Ltd., the State   Intellectual Property Operation Platform (SIPOP), Iptalent Consulting Co., Ltd. and Zhongjinhao Assets Appraisal Co., Ltd.


Focusing on “Intellectual Property finance and capital operation”, a high-level dialogue was held in the summit. The following guests shared their attitudes and views including Chu Guofeng, Deputy General Manager of PICC Property and Casualty Co., Ltd. Beijing Branch, Yu Libiao, Executive Deputy General Manager of SIPOP, Chen Chang, Executive Vice President of Peking University Science Park, Zheng Xin, Deputy Director of the Fixed Income Department of Shenzhen Stock Exchange, Liu Zhen, Deputy General Manager of the Legal Department of Xiaomi Group, and Zhang Xiaoxia, Partner of the King & Wood Mallesons. They also shared the intellectual property management thinking and the logic of intellectual property capital operation under the changed situation.


Through the ZGC forum, a new ecosystem of IP operation and financial services from a global perspective could be jointly built with an attitude of cooperative innovation, win-win challenges, energy-gathering and empowerment. As a result, we could achieve common development, common prosperity and a better future together!



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