Conference promotes key achievements in sci-tech

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The Zhongguancun International Technology Exchange Conference, that concluded on Tuesday, assisted the application of sci-tech achievements, promoted international cooperation and gave a boost to Beijing's high-tech industries, according to a senior official from the Ministry of Science and Technology.

Shao Xinyu, vice-minister of science and technology, said the two-day conference, as an important part of the Zhongguancun Forum, offered a multifunctional platform for the release of new technologies, transformation and promotion.

"Next, the ministry and the Beijing municipal government will step up support to build Zhongguancun Science City into an international industrial park with the conference playing a vital role in the process," Shao said.

This year's conference highlighted intelligence, health and carbon neutrality as the theme of the 2021 ZGC Forum.

A total of 17 activities were held during the two-day event, bringing together more than 40 universities and enterprises, and 100 institutions for technology transformation worldwide.

The Roadshow and Promotion Conference of New Technologies and Products, for example, consisted of six sessions on integrated circuits, biomedicine, high-end medical devices, artificial intelligence and intelligent manufacturing, new energy and new materials, and environmental protection.

It was designed to help tech companies, especially startups, advertise their new technologies and attract investors, according to the organizers.

The activity attracted 700 projects from 12 countries this year, with 100 of them selected for the promotional activity.

Among the 100 is Wudao, China's first super-large-scale intelligent modeling program, which is claimed to be the most powerful of its kind in the world.

Other projects included a hyperspectral imaging silicon photonics chip developed by Beijing-based tech enterprise Seetrum, and Oxsight intelligent bionic glasses from the University of Oxford in the United Kingdom.

To enhance the event's international influence, organizers held six sessions of international exchanges and cooperation on technology transformation.

At the session held for Japan and the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region, corporate leaders held in-depth discussions on a host of promising projects in new energy.

Meanwhile, participants from Italy, Germany, Finland and Ukraine promoted their projects at the European and Eurasian sessions, covering such fields as intelligent manufacturing, modern agriculture and biomedicine.

The conference also featured a special session for the world's top polytechnic universities. It aimed to promote talent cultivation and communication among universities, research institutes and tech enterprises, the organizers said.

Guests from Imperial College London, the Beijing University of Technology, and The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, shared their success stories in the application of new technologies at the session.

An activity focusing on digital transformation was held to help enterprises needing new technologies to achieve industrial upgrading seek suppliers.

In addition to matchmaking activities, the Zhongguancun technology exchange service platform was launched at the conference.

The online platform will provide users with a variety of services such as project assessment and policy consultation, according to the organizing committee.


A special event for Chinese technology transfer communication is held during the Zhongguancun International Technology Exchange Conference, which ended on Tuesday in Beijing. CHINA DAILY